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How does Family Constellations work?

Family Constellations makes visible a bigger part of the story I consciously tell myself about my life, it externalizes the inner conflict. We perceive our world through the lens of the culture, country, and family we were born into. To this we add life experiences and emotions, expectations and attitudes.


Storytelling to improve public speaking, effectively sell ideas and for children

Family Constellations

Why Is The Past So Important? We live our life forward, but understand it backward. Nothing is more important than belonging, we may not know this consciously but unconsciously this is our biggest pull. Sometimes, however, our way of belonging is to suffer like those who came before us. We

Group Constellations

Group Constellations

Individual Constellations

Individual Constellations

Storytelling for Organisations

CEO’s need to know how to tell their company's story

Storytelling for Public Speaking

What are South Africans most frightened of? In second place is death… in first place is public speaking.