Family constellation Therapy

A Family Constellation offers a safe space for you to resolve personal issues and problems.

It’s a marvelous tool for using family history to understand and resolve problems in the present.

You are an individual within a greater whole – your family system.

We are all born into a family, and this comes with both blessings and circumstances, or fate, that remains in the energy field of the family system from generation to generation.

The Energy Field explained:

Every family has a “family soul” or an energy field, regardless of what it looks like from the outside, or if the family members are aware of this or not…. Think of a flock of birds, or a shoal of fish. Each individual moves knowing where its neighbour is, and where they’ll go.  A kind of telepathy.

When a pack of wolves goes hunting, leaving the cubs behind, usually with a babysitter, their energy field stretches and they remain connected.

Every family has this energy field, and it stretches through time, through places, and through the generations.

Where are the ancestors and their experiences?

In us….

Everything that is suppressed by the family does not disintegrate or disappear, but remains in the energy field of the family system, and the newer members of the family, the children, feel this energy, and live it out. A child gets “entangled” with their ancestors, meaning they take on the behaviour, feeling or fate of a family member.  We inherit eye colour, blood type and much more, but we also inherit the unconscious trauma or unresolved issues in our family.  Deep anxiety, fear, financial failure, depression, unhappy relationships can all by an unconscious inheritance.  Unconscious stories passed on.

The destructive stories don’t have to be passed on.

It can stop with you…

Who is responsible for healing past pain?

Each one of us is……. in healing yourself or resolving an entanglement, you not only heal yourself, but heal your ancestors and those to come.   A change in one member affects the whole family.

How is Family Constellations therapy different from other therapies?

Together you, the client, and me, the facilitator, will explore your issue in a different way from talking about it.  We will explore the patterns in your family system and how these patterns and events of the past may be affecting your present life.  To do this, we use the energy field of your family.