FC Workshop Calendar

FC Workshop Calendar

Date Workshop Venue
8th November 2016 Belonging St Francis of Assissi Church hall, 34 Tyrone Avenue, Parkview

Belonging – the focus of this workshop will be on supporting the feeling sensation or inner knowing of belonging in a family system, taking what strengthens, and acknowledging what doesn’t. This seems especially important in these days, where family and community seems to have broken down.

In France I saw how beautifully family works- when they go out to eat, the whole family goes, from youngest to oldest. Nobody is excluded.
Bonding and belonging

We are bound to our family systems by a deep need to belong. The bond to our parents begins even before birth – a child will do anything for the love of a parent.
These connections are a source of strength when the energy within the system is clear. However, when there is an interruption in the flow of energy, described by Bert Hellinger as an entanglement, the system and each individual in the system, is potentially weakened. No member of that family will be able to fully access the strength that should flow through the generations.

Every family has a “family soul” or a strong inner bond, regardless of what it looks like from the outside, or if the family members are aware of this or not…. Everything that is suppressed by the family does not disintegrate or disappear, but remains in the energetic field of the family system, and the newer members of the family, the children, feel this energy, and live it out. A child gets “entangled” with their ancestors, living out another’s misfortunes and trauma.